NEMT – About its Chairman

It would appear that the Chairman of the North East Maritime Trust, Mr Alec Renwick, has been planning his assault on it’s website,, since 14th October 2022:-

Domain Repository Object Identifier: D_78192392-UK
Domain Expiry 2024-10-14
Domain last updated 2024-05-14
Domain created 2022-10-14
Registrar typically acts as an agent for the registrant to manage the domain at the registry. Registrar Name (ID): Kualo Ltd (ID: KUALO)
Registrar Tel: 0800-138-3235
Registrar Email:
Registrar URL:
Registrar Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom

© Nominet UK 2024. Company number: 03203859
Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4DQ, United Kingdom

The attack was halted when he seized control of, by deceit on or before 15th of March 2024, when he persuaded the provider at that time, TSOHost, to swap the administrator to chockerblock from the one who had been maintaining the site for ten years, The_Dog_Watch.

As TSOHost could not be persuaded to return the administration of the site to its rightful owner, Nominet was used to transfer the hosting to IONOS, and it was completed on April 17th 2024, yet within two months, June 13th 2024, TSOHost admitted that had not belonged to the Chairman of NEMT, Mr Alec Renwick, after all. In the email, addressed to Mr Dawson, they said:-

To ensure that your website remains active while you’re making these updates to your DNSrecords, we will use a proxy to redirect to your new hosting package.
Please note: this proxy will be removed after 30 days. If the server IP address hasn’t been updated within this time, your website will NOT be accessible.

The reason the provider was changed was that the Chairman was publishing misinformation in the form of fraudulent misrepresentations and there was no way of it being correcting and as one could not view the proxy website it was safer to assume that a site reconstructed from the proxy would overwrite tha new one with one that included the Chairman’s fraudulent misrepresentations.

Mick Dawson
9th July 2024
Updated on the 19th July.

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One Response to NEMT – About its Chairman

  1. Mick Dawson says:

    From: Alec Renwick
    Sent: 08 July 2024 19:47
    You will have received a recorded delivery letter regarding the immediate deletion of your NEMT membership.
    Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

    Mr Dawson can confirm that he has not recived a recorded delivery letter and he will not be responding to any email from anyone at

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