HFS Visit to Blyth, 6th July

Very nice comment by the skipper of the yacht Aurelia:

Saturday July 5 my wife and I enjoyed a short trip on the Henry Frederick James on the river Blyth, invited by its crew.
They told us about the history of this lifeboat , detailed what the present engine is like and demonstrated the horn. We are impressed by the effort it must have taken to restore this boat. Impressive too is how this boat must have been operated when it went out to rescue people.
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!
Wim & Ria Albus
yacht Aurelia


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Gaps in the Archive

Control of the website nemaritimetrust.co.uk was regained by its rightful owner when Nominet was asked to switch the provider from TSOHost to IONOS but the switch left big gaps in the archive:-

  • 2005 – June 2008;
  • 2011 – 2018
  • 2020 – 2024

2011 to – 2018

On the 23rd March 2011 08:39, Alec Renwick wrote:-

Mick, Thanks for your reply and explan’t’n which sounds like it makes sense to continue with Daily. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to help at the moment due to work commitments, which has also led to my recent lack of contact with NEMT.
Keep up the good work.

On the 20th, September 2018 18:17, he wrote in response to a request from a NEMT member to please use email instead of texting or phoning until his mobile phone had been repaired:-

Will do, thanks for letting me know.

During that time Daily.co.uk were taken over by TSOHost and the gap partially filled by FB Pages, 2015 to 2019 called henryfrederick.swan and while the posts were often about the lifeboats ‘Henry Frederick Swan’, ‘Tyne’ and ‘Bedford’, there were many others about restoration of the Tyne foy boat ‘Joan’, the cobles ‘Peggy’ and ‘Royal Diadem II’, the traditional fishing vessels ‘Rachel Douglas’, ‘Favourite’ and ‘Sovereign’ and also various other vessels.

That left a gap between March 2011 and March 2015:-

The gap is unlikely to be filled for some of the vessels mentioned above with the exception of the lifeboats and unless anyone can turn up any old magazine or newspaper articles. A shame because it looks like there is no longer any record of much of the work done by the NEMT volunteers for the ten years from 2005, when the Trust was formed, to 2015.

2020 to 2024

This gap was filled with Facebook pages written by the Chair of NEM and the series began with one written on the 24th July 2020:-

It was still running when he broadcast some fake news in late June 2024:-

It is simply not NEMT’s website, it was written and maintained for about ten years by a member who helped, until he moved away, not only with the repair and restoration of traditional fishing boats of the North East but especially with the repair of the lifeboat built on the South Coast.

The rogue member in fact enjoyed the progress made over the years and designed and helped build such things as the boat for the Customs House Project. The author of the piece from June ’23 was hiding the fact that the rogue member had stopped him from posting fake news such as that relayed above, on social media, on the website nemaritimetrust.co.uk.

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NEMT – About its Chairman

It would appear that the Chairman of the North East Maritime Trust, Mr Alec Renwick, has been planning his assault on it’s website, nemaritimetrust.co.uk, since 14th October 2022:-

LOOKUP nemaritimetrust.org.uk
Domain Repository Object Identifier: D_78192392-UK
Domain Expiry 2024-10-14
Domain last updated 2024-05-14
Domain created 2022-10-14
Registrar typically acts as an agent for the registrant to manage the domain at the registry. Registrar Name (ID): Kualo Ltd (ID: KUALO)
Registrar Tel: 0800-138-3235
Registrar Email: sales@kualo.com
Registrar URL: https://www.kualo.co.uk/
Registrar Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom

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NEMT Chair v NHFT Chair

How wrong could one be about Mr Renwick. Very early on the 18th June in an email to the Trustees of the NFHT and some members of NEMT,* including Mr Dawson, he reverted to his habit of calling Mr Dawson a thief:-

As you will be aware the previously transferred to NEMT, owned and paid for nemaritimetrust.co.uk Website has been stolen by Mick Dawson who appears to have taken advantage of its unlocked status.damage both NFHT and NEMT organisations. I have tried to speak to Mick recently, only to be told “I should know why”
Well, I don’t!

He had been told by Mr Dawson, when he interrupted a conversation about the damaged slipway with one of the NEMT members to say that he wanted a word, to put what he wanted to say in writing. The reason he was asked to do that was in order to elevate any slander to libel but what is most disturbing is that the Chairman of NEMT concludes his email with a threat:-

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NEMT Chair v Mick Dawson

I discovered on the 15th March 2024, that I was no longer able to log into a website that had addressed the needs of two trusts for a good while, the trusts being the North East Maritime Trust and the Northumbrian Fishing Heritage Trust. The site was nemaritimetrust.co.uk and it was created by me about the time when members of NEMT began to populate NFHT which was about ten years ago. At that time it was hosted by Daily.co.uk.

Daily.co.uk were taken over by TSOHost and the change was so seamless that it would not be noticed by anyone except the person who had to administer the website, me again, and it took place before the two Trusts were forced apart by unequal division of a legacy in late 2019.

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NEMT: X stream

A mysterious post appeared on the stream on June 23rd 2024 at 03:11 pm:-

One can only conclude that the post of 18th June and the comments made against it by Mick Dawson and that by implication, Mr Dawson is the ‘previous, now rogue member’ referred to by post’s author* and one should note that when he says ‘our website’ he is claiming ownership of the nemaritimetrust.co.uk to something which has never been his.

Simply because the one for nemaritimetrust.org.uk is not up and running yet.

If one goes back to the origin of NEMTnews one will see that there were no events between when the North East Maritime Trust was founded in 2005 and when the Twitter account was set up in 2020 but one could have seen from various publications that it was very active during that period and that includes posts published in the nemaritimetrust.co.uk from May 2014.

They are no longer readily availabe but the are some wave been saved in the FaceBook posts generated for the years 2015 to 2019.

The Charities Commission says of the North East Maritime Trust:- The support of maritime heritage including conservation, restoration and construction when appropriate.

Of the Northumbrian Fisheries Heritage Trust, it says:- As well as saving and restoring historic working vessels, the Trust takes vessels to events and uses other display opportunities on the Tyne and other places on the east coast. When possible, the public are given access onto the vessels, with detailed guidance being given by members of the Trust and associates. The Trust works in partnership with the North East Maritime Trust.

* Chair of NEMT, 2020 – who was one of three using @nemaritimetrust.org.uk since the beginning of 2024.

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More Misinformation: 18-Jun-24

with a commentary by the website administrator.

From: Alec Renwick <alec.renwick@nemaritimetrust.org.uk>
Sent: 18 June 2024 00:09
To: Peter W; Mick Dawson; Branson, Richard; PAUL; David Parker
Cc: Kevin Lund <kevin.lund@nemaritimetrust.org.uk>; Dr Griffiths, Sue

Subject: NEMT Website

Dear All

As you will be aware the previously transferred to NEMT, owned and paid for nemaritimetrust.co.uk Website has been stolen by Mick Dawson who appears to have taken advantage of its unlocked status. 1 damage both NFHT and NEMT organisations.
I have tried to speak to Mick recently, only to be told “I should know why” 2
Well, I don’t!
One reason I can only imagine, is that in an attempt to make NEMT more sustainable
This recently reestablished Website naming NFHT as a victim 3, is being used by Mick as a means of negative, damaging communication about NEMT, its Trustees and myself.
Continuing with this senseless, costly, illegal practice 4 will only continue to by increasing costs for the use of our facilities, NFHT appears to have taken this as a threat to its existence.
Following a long series of objectionable email messaging and subsequent threats therein haven’t helped to improve this situation, but have simply made matters much worse. 5
I simply ask all at NFHT to make Mick Dawson see sense and transfer our nemaritimetrust.co.uk website back to NEMT where it belongs. 6
As ever, I’m always available to talk in an attempt to end with a satisfactory conclusion.
Unfortunatly until that happens NEMT will not be in a position to discuss any future NFHT collaboration or plan vessel repairs on these premises. 7

Alec Renwick. NEMT Trustee and Chair. 8

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NEMT Newsletter Summer 2024

The news letter was circulated to members on Wednesday the 5th June – https://nemaritimetrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/NEMT-Publication-Summer-2024.pdf

The latest NEMT publication appears on first sight to be a straightforward account of the move of the restored lifeboat, the Henry Frederick Swan from her winter quarters on the slipway in South Shields to her summer base in NE1 Marina. The author was sowing much misinformation, some of which would perhaps, be better described in law as fraudulent misrepresentation and it begins in his opening paragraph under the title Headline News:-

Due to unforeseen circumstances our Website is currently still offline.
1st misrepresentation – the site had been online in its temporary home for about two months. We apologise if you have been affected by this or for any inconvenience caused. But be assured that we are trying to sort this out, in the meantime please be patient.
2. misinformation – there was no way they could sort it out because the website had been reclaimed by its rightful owner.
However, our new Website below will replace and be much better than the original which was very unreliable anyway.
3. misrepresentation – it functioned reliably and without without trouble from 2014 until it fell under the control of the author of this article in mid-March 2024.
Once this horrible little gremlin has been removed we hope to be back on-line very soon with our new improved Website address as follows – www.nemaritimetrust.org.uk.
4. misleading information – the horrid little gremlin turned out to be the author of the newsletter who had been removing the history of the North East Maritime Trust prior to 2019 and altering its history from 2020 to date.
Please also note our new email – info@nemaritimetrust.org.uk will soon be available on the website and we hope it will also be much more reliable than before.
5. The org.uk domain is a recognised domain name extension for charities and non-profit organisations registered in the United Kingdom but by the time NEMT had been awarded charitable status the blog for nemaritimetrust had been going for some time and so the suffix co.uk remained.

His commentary goes from the heading, Latest News, “After some updating and some essential repair work over the winter, HFS has now left the building. Pictured here approaching the NE1 quayside mooring, after a very pleasant sailing trip from NEMT with a stop over at St Peter’s for refreshments”, to a proposed calender of events and some detail about liaising with a University and the local Collage and Sea Cadets and an invitation:- “Also visit North East Maritime Trust on Facebook. X @NEMTnews” to the heading, Sunderland University.

The Facebook version of the history of the North East Maritime Trust has been given in www.facebook.com/henryfrederick.swan. which begins with and entry for February 2015 and ends in November 2019;

Sunderland University

Henry Frederick Swan launch day event – This was going to be early April but unfortunately very strong winds and a big swell stopped us from launching from the NEMT boatshed.
6th item of misinformation or misrepresentation. Those who were there, were fully aware that the trolley got stuck because of the misalignment of the tracks leading down to the river from the shed not because of any swell.
But that didn’t stop final year students from giving a great show of some fantastic music, great event publicity, and the introduction of QR Coded maritime history and heritage at South Shields. Everything went so well we hope to invite more students back later this year.

The rest of the Newsletter: Summer 2024 requires no comment except to say that the note halfway down page 4, “to email or just call in if you have any questions to nemaritime2020@gmail.com“, appears to have been superseded by alec.renwick@nemaritimetrust.org.uk.

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An Apology

Dear All,

Please bear with me while I struggle to recreate the site, along with the many of the hundred or so posts, which had been developed over about 10 years and was lost during the dispute about the ownership of the domain name nemaritimetrust.co.uk.
Unfortunately there was no readable back-up so the site has to be re-created by dredging through incomplete archives that were held on a 12 year old laptop.
Keep safe
Mick Dawson

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A Catch-up

Reposted by Mr M Dawson after March 15th 2024.
Originally posted on 2nd October 2022 by Mr A Renwick;

Catching up on the many moves we have made recently, well since early May this year as follows;

Our regular annual visit to Blyth RNYC Marina and Blyth Tall Ship (BTS) took place in June and was a great success as usual. BTS had completed a round Britain trip ending at Blyth which was our call to visit her coming back to her home port. The sailing on our Lifeboat Henry Frederick Swan (HFS) was particularly exciting in perfect weather conditions with an F5 to F7 westerly.

Blyth Tall Ship Coming Home

We also did a rescue of sorts when a fishing Coble (you may recognise) had lost all engine power, but we were there to throw a line and tow her from Blyth back to the Tyne. A first for HFS in over 75 years. All in all a great weekend was had by all concerned.

Our weekend Coble sailings from Wapping Street have been very successful again this year but without the Covid restrictions imposed over the last couple of years. Peggy, Royal Diadem, and Irene Patricia as safety boat have been used regularly. Want to take part? well, join our membership to be made welcome; but we do insist on your being up to the hard work physically and completing a medication questionnaire, if appropriate.

Newcastle Historic Harbour Days

In conjunction with Newcastle NE1, NEMT held its historic boats event on the 23rd and 24th of July. The event went very well as usual with Northumbrian and sea shanty music by the Aukland Shanty Singers and BTS Singers and the very individual and entertaining Mowdies. Despite a lack of previously agreed publicity, we were happy to host the event for everyone’s entertainment.

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