The Trusts





19th August


2005, 13th September
1st November

2006, 7th September

2007, 6th February

2nd April

2008, 9th April

2013, October

2016, March

2020, 30th March

2002 Coble and Keelboat Society discusses proposal for a maritime restoration workshop.

C&KS considers means of creating a restoration workshop at Corporation Quay, South Shields.
A committee is formed to develop the proposed establishment of the South Shields workshop.
C&KS meets South Tyneside Council to discuss take over of the former Eurostag workshop at Unit 2/3 Wapping Street for establishment of NEMT.

NEMT operating autonomously as an unincorporated trust.

NEMT incorporated as a limited liability company.
NEMT granted licence to occupy Unit 2/3 Wapping Street for one year.

Feasibility study commissioned at the request of STC as a prerequisite for being granted security of tenure; such secure tenure being necessary to obtain funds for development.

Charitable status awarded to NEMT.
Feasibility study (Preliminary Options Appraisal) published and forwarded to STC.
The lifeboat Henry Frederick Swan given to NEMT by members of the trust who had purchased it in 2005.

Twenty Five Year Lease offered by STC but without security of tenure as STC would have a break option at twelve months notice. The “Council would not wish to prejudice any future regeneration scheme in the area”.

Lease for the workshop (Fisherman’s units 2/3) commenced. For 30 years to 30th September 2043.

Lease commenced for the Boatyard (former Fred Crowell workshop). Date of termination 30th September 2043.

Jerry Dudman died.


2006, 23rd November – Foundation meeting of NFHT. Members: G.F.Brown, C.Malkin, F.E.Smith and P.Weightman. Constitution adopted.

2008, 10th January – Commenced business, bank account opened, trading commenced 30th April.

2008, 30th April – The vessels Rachel Douglas, Favourite and Golden Gleam placed on loan to NFHT.

2009, 1st December – Applied to Charity Commission for registration.

2010, 29th January – NEMT Writes to Charity Commission in support of NFHT registration application,
4th March – Constitution amended,
29th March Charity – Commission confirms registration of NFHT as a Charity,
20th May – Sovereign purchased,
5th July – Resignation of C.Malkin.

2012, 27th November – Peggy purchased.

2014, 17th – December NEMT commenced membership of NFHT.

2015, 25th April – Offer to NEMT to support the Boatyard,
24th December – Rachel Douglas purchased.

2016, 12th February – Membership extended to include three further trustees of NEMT,
2nd May – Gordon F. Brown died.