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A mysterious post appeared on the stream on June 23rd 2024 at 03:11 pm:-

One can only conclude that the post of 18th June and the comments made against it by Mick Dawson and that by implication, Mr Dawson is the ‘previous, now rogue member’ referred to by post’s author* and one should note that when he says ‘our website’ he is claiming ownership of the to something which has never been his.

Simply because the one for is not up and running yet.

If one goes back to the origin of NEMTnews one will see that there were no events between when the North East Maritime Trust was founded in 2005 and when the Twitter account was set up in 2020 but one could have seen from various publications that it was very active during that period and that includes posts published in the from May 2014.

They are no longer readily availabe but the are some wave been saved in the FaceBook posts generated for the years 2015 to 2019.

The Charities Commission says of the North East Maritime Trust:- The support of maritime heritage including conservation, restoration and construction when appropriate.

Of the Northumbrian Fisheries Heritage Trust, it says:- As well as saving and restoring historic working vessels, the Trust takes vessels to events and uses other display opportunities on the Tyne and other places on the east coast. When possible, the public are given access onto the vessels, with detailed guidance being given by members of the Trust and associates. The Trust works in partnership with the North East Maritime Trust.

* Chair of NEMT, 2020 – who was one of three using since the beginning of 2024.

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