More Misinformation: 18-Jun-24

with a commentary by the website administrator.

From: Alec Renwick <>
Sent: 18 June 2024 00:09
To: Peter W; Mick Dawson; Branson, Richard; PAUL; David Parker
Cc: Kevin Lund <>; Dr Griffiths, Sue

Subject: NEMT Website

Dear All

As you will be aware the previously transferred to NEMT, owned and paid for Website has been stolen by Mick Dawson who appears to have taken advantage of its unlocked status. 1 damage both NFHT and NEMT organisations.
I have tried to speak to Mick recently, only to be told “I should know why” 2
Well, I don’t!
One reason I can only imagine, is that in an attempt to make NEMT more sustainable
This recently reestablished Website naming NFHT as a victim 3, is being used by Mick as a means of negative, damaging communication about NEMT, its Trustees and myself.
Continuing with this senseless, costly, illegal practice 4 will only continue to by increasing costs for the use of our facilities, NFHT appears to have taken this as a threat to its existence.
Following a long series of objectionable email messaging and subsequent threats therein haven’t helped to improve this situation, but have simply made matters much worse. 5
I simply ask all at NFHT to make Mick Dawson see sense and transfer our website back to NEMT where it belongs. 6
As ever, I’m always available to talk in an attempt to end with a satisfactory conclusion.
Unfortunatly until that happens NEMT will not be in a position to discuss any future NFHT collaboration or plan vessel repairs on these premises. 7

Alec Renwick. NEMT Trustee and Chair. 8

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One Response to More Misinformation: 18-Jun-24

  1. Mick Dawson says:

    1 – a complex lie, the site was secure and therefore not unlocked and belonged to Mr Dawson not to Mr Renwick nor any other NEMT Trustee;
    2 – when he asked to speak with me, he was simply told to write and when he asked ‘why’ he was ignored because I needed him to put any accusations in writing and we now have a written record of what he wanted a word about;
    3 – NEMT were accused of withholding funds from NFHT in early 2023, justly as it turned out, because they were promptly paid following the accusation;
    4 – illegal practice? It was not Mr Dawson who told the original provider of that he was not a member of that trust but the Chairman, Mr Alec Renwick;
    5 – there is no long series of objectionable emails;
    6 – the domain,, never belonged to him, nor any of his supporters amongst the NEMT Trustees;
    7 – the future of NEMT and its sister charity, NFHT, should not be dependant on handing over a domain, with all the responsibilities that go with it, to a persistent liar;
    8 – one does not have to read very far through Mr Renwick’s email of the 18th June to see why he was requested to write down what he wanted to have a word about!

    Simply put, he is refusing entry to the only slipway available for the repair and maintenance of vessels, such as the Rachel Douglas, in the North East of England, forgetting that on 29th January 2010, NEMT wrote to the Charity Commission in support of NFHT’s registration application.

    Mick Dawson,
    June 2024

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