National Historic Ships supports Sovereign

Posted on 2nd November 2010

Repairs to the Sovereign have been given support by the National Historic Ships Committee who have awarded an emergency sustainability grant. This enabled Fred Crowell to start repairs to the seriously deteriorated hull.

Once on Fred’s slipway, it was found that the spikes holding the planking onto the frames were badly corroded. Some had rusted away entirely leaving nothing to hold planks in place other than water pressure and the caulking. Several planks have now been entirely replaced, about 2000 spikes replaced, re-caulking undertaken and a lot of filling carried out, making Sovereign secure below the waterline.

Many thanks to National Historic Ships for contributing.

2 Responses to National Historic Ships supports Sovereign

  1. Jeff burns 5th April 2011 at 3:13 pm Hi Lads.
    It’s Jeff Burns of South Shields a well known friend of David Parker & Fred Crowell, I am currently at work offshore and have just heard that the “Sovereign” has been put back in the water if possible could you email me some photos of this occasion.
  2. Cal Boal 25th November 2011 at 11:11 pm
    I’m researching my family tree and I have traced a long line of Crowells living in south shields who were connected to boat building. Is Fred Crowell from the area
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