About the Trusts: NEMT and NFHT

On March 15th 2024, 1 discovered that I was no longer able to log into a website that had addressed the needs of both the trusts for a good many years. It had ran under two providers for over ten years, the first having been taken over by the second about 5 years ago, and it did not take me long to discover that I had been removed as the administrator of the site and replaced by a former contributor, Mr A Renwick the Chairman of NEMT who had removed all the access to the site, nemaritimetrust.co.uk, that I had had a week or so before.

It was why I was not able to log able to log into the site but I could still view it and noticed that the history of the two trust from 2005 to about 2019 had been removed by Mr Renwick and this was mostly to do with the restoration/renovation of the coble, Peggy and the fishing vessels, Rachel Douglas, Favourite and Sovereign and it was plainly obvious when one knows when the life boat Henry Frederick Swan was launched.

At the height of my dispute with Mr Renwick about the ownership of the domain name nemaritimetrust.co.uk in mid April 2024, I was asked to stand down as one of the trustees of NFHT which I did willingly and also to remove the link between NFHT and NEMT which I have done to a limited extent. This post was made to explain how and why two charities that had comfortably shared the same resources over a dozen years were forced to part company.

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