NEMT Newsletter Summer 2024

The news letter was circulated to members on Wednesday the 5th June –

A close study of the latest NEMT publication shows that the current Chair’s grasp of reality was somewhat wanting.

In plain text with commentary in italics:-

Summer is coming, late but it should be here soon, we hope.

Headline News – Due to unforeseen circumstances our Website is currently still offline.
1st misrepresentation – the site has been online in its temporary home for about two months. We apologise if you have been affected by this or for any inconvenience caused. But be assured that we are trying to sort this out,
2. misinformation – they cannot sort it out because the domain was reclaimed by its rightful owner.
in the meantime please be patient. However, our new Website below will replace and be much better than the original which was very unreliable anyway.
3. misrepresentation – it functioned without trouble from 2014 until it fell under the control of the author of this article in mid-March 2024.
Once this horrible little gremlin has been removed we hope to be back on-line very soon with our new improved Website address as follows –
4. misleading information – the horrid little gremlin turned out to be Alec Renwick himself.
Please also note our new email – will soon be available on the website and we hope it will also be much more reliable than before.
5. The domain is a recognised domain name extension for charities and non-profit organisations registered in the United Kingdom but by the timeNEMT had been awarded charitable status the blog for nemaritimetrust had been going for some time and so the suffix remained.

This commentary now jumps from Latest News to the request to look at the history of the history of the North East Maritime Trust as the current director wished to portray it on Facebook amd X @ NEMTnews.

Sunderland University

Henry Frederick Swan launch day event – This was going to be early April but unfortunately very strong winds and a big swell stopped us from launching from the NEMT boatshed.
6th item of misinformation or misrepresentation. Those who were there, were fully aware that the trolley got stuck because of the misalignment of the tracks leading down to the river from the shed.
But that didn’t stop final year students from giving a great show of some fantastic music, great event publicity, and the introduction of QR Coded maritime history and heritage at South Shields. Everything went so well we hope to invite more students back later this year.

The rest of the report deserves no comment!

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