Copy Email 18-Jun-24

with response by the falsely accused Mr Dawson – please see below.

From: Alec Renwick <>
Sent: 18 June 2024 00:09
To: Peter W; Mick Dawson; Branson, Richard; PAUL; David Parker
Cc: Kevin Lund <>; Dr Griffiths, Sue

Subject: NEMT Website

Dear All

As you will be aware the previously transferred to NEMT, owned and paid for Website has been stolen by Mick Dawson who appears to have taken advantage of its unlocked status. 1 damage both NFHT and NEMT organisations.
I have tried to speak to Mick recently, only to be told “I should know why” 2
Well, I don’t!
One reason I can only imagine, is that in an attempt to make NEMT more sustainable
This recently reestablished Website naming NFHT as a victim 3, is being used by Mick as a means of negative, damaging communication about NEMT, its Trustees and myself.
Continuing with this senseless, costly, illegal practice 4 will only continue to by increasing costs for the use of our facilities, NFHT appears to have taken this as a threat to its existence.
Following a long series of objectionable email messaging and subsequent threats therein haven’t helped to improve this situation, but have simply made matters much worse. 5
I simply ask all at NFHT to make Mick Dawson see sense and transfer our website back to NEMT where it belongs. 6
As ever, I’m always available to talk in an attempt to end with a satisfactory conclusion.
Unfortunatly until that happens NEMT will not be in a position to discuss any future NFHT collaboration or plan vessel repairs on these premises. 7

Alec Renwick. NEMT Trustee and Chair. 8

The response:-

1 – a complex lie, the site was secure and therefore not unlocked, and how could I have stolen the website from myself?
2 – when he asked to speak with me, I told him I to write as there would then be a written
record of the dialogue between us.
3 – NEMT were accused of withholding funds from NFHT in early 2023, justly as it turned out, because they were promptly paid. Mr Renwick is trying to hide this by calling NFHT a victim.
4 – illegal practice? It was not Mr Dawson who told the original provider of that I was not a member of the North East Maritime Trust.
5 – there is no long series of objectionable emails. Long or short, it simply does not exist.
6 – the domain,, never did not belong to Mr Renwick or his supporters amongst the NEMT Trustees.
7 – the future of NEMT and its sister charity, NFHT, should not be dependant on handing over a domain, with all the responsibilities that go with it, to a persistent liar and his fellow Trustee, Mr K Lund.
8 – one does not have to read very far through Mr Renwick’s email to see why he was requested to put his demand in writing.

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NEMT Newsletter Summer 2024

The news letter was circulated to members on Wednesday the 5th June –

A close study of the latest NEMT publication shows that the current Chair’s grasp of reality was somewhat wanting.

In plain text with commentary in italics:-

Summer is coming, late but it should be here soon, we hope.

Headline News – Due to unforeseen circumstances our Website is currently still offline.
1st misrepresentation – the site has been online in its temporary home for about two months. We apologise if you have been affected by this or for any inconvenience caused. But be assured that we are trying to sort this out,
2. misinformation – they cannot sort it out because the domain was reclaimed by its rightful owner.
in the meantime please be patient. However, our new Website below will replace and be much better than the original which was very unreliable anyway.
3. misrepresentation – it functioned without trouble from 2014 until it fell under the control of the author of this article in mid-March 2024.
Once this horrible little gremlin has been removed we hope to be back on-line very soon with our new improved Website address as follows –
4. misleading information – the horrid little gremlin turned out to be Alec Renwick himself.
Please also note our new email – will soon be available on the website and we hope it will also be much more reliable than before.
5. The domain is a recognised domain name extension for charities and non-profit organisations registered in the United Kingdom but by the timeNEMT had been awarded charitable status the blog for nemaritimetrust had been going for some time and so the suffix remained.

This commentary now jumps from Latest News to the request to look at the history of the history of the North East Maritime Trust as the current director wished to portray it on Facebook amd X @ NEMTnews.

Sunderland University

Henry Frederick Swan launch day event – This was going to be early April but unfortunately very strong winds and a big swell stopped us from launching from the NEMT boatshed.
6th item of misinformation or misrepresentation. Those who were there, were fully aware that the trolley got stuck because of the misalignment of the tracks leading down to the river from the shed.
But that didn’t stop final year students from giving a great show of some fantastic music, great event publicity, and the introduction of QR Coded maritime history and heritage at South Shields. Everything went so well we hope to invite more students back later this year.

The rest of the report deserves no comment!

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Temporary Resting Place for NEMT

A row about the ownership of the domain name could not be settled amicably so the rightful owner secured his ownership by changing the service provider for the website to which it referred. Unfortunately the Chair of NEMT, who had falsely claimed ownership of the domain name, had not backed up the site and the rightful owner, Mick Dawson, was not allowed access to it so to all intents and purposes it no longer exists and a site that attracted the interest of about 80,000 visitors in ten years was lost.

Temp resting place, 8-Jun-24, *

Before the site was lost the rightful owner managed to copy a couple of posts as as example of what would be lost if the row could not be settled

* the site is gradually being rebuilt and one can search through the posts using categories and they are:-

  • Archive
  • Favourite
  • General
  • Golden Gleam
  • Misinformation
  • Peggy
  • Rachel D
  • Salma’s Dream
  • Sovereign
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An Apology

Dear All,

Please bear with me while I struggle to recreate the site, along with the many of the hunred or so posts, which had been developed over about 10 years and was lost during the dispute about the ownership of the domain name
Unfortunately there was no readable back-up so the site has to be re-created by dredging through incomplete archives that were held on a 12 year old laptop.
Keep safe
Mick Dawson

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Relaunch of the Lifeboat

Relaunching of our ex (1917) Tynemouth Lifeboat Henry Frederick Swan
2nd April 2024.

Weather permitting we will be putting HFS back in the water on Sunday 7th April from 12.30 till about 2.30pm.

This is going to be a great occasion with music and entertainment by students at Sunderland University from 12.30.

So why not come along and enjoy what we have on show.

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A Catch-up

Posted on 2nd October 2022 by Mr A Renwick;

Catching up on the many moves we have made recently, well since early May this year as follows;

Our regular annual visit to Blyth RNYC Marina and Blyth Tall Ship (BTS) took place in June and was a great success as usual. BTS had completed a round Britain trip ending at Blyth which was our call to visit her coming back to her home port. The sailing on our Lifeboat Henry Frederick Swan (HFS) was particularly exciting in perfect weather conditions with an F5 to F7 westerly.

Blyth Tall Ship Coming Home

We also did a rescue of sorts when a fishing Coble (you may recognise) had lost all engine power, but we were there to throw a line and tow her from Blyth back to the Tyne. A first for HFS in over 75 years. All in all a great weekend was had by all concerned.

Our weekend Coble sailings from Wapping Street have been very successful again this year but without the Covid restrictions imposed over the last couple of years. Peggy, Royal Diadem, and Irene Patricia as safety boat have been used regularly. Want to take part? well, join our membership to be made welcome; but we do insist on your being up to the hard work physically and completing a medication questionnaire, if appropriate.

Newcastle Historic Harbour Days

In conjunction with Newcastle NE1, NEMT held its historic boats event on the 23rd and 24th of July. The event went very well as usual with Northumbrian and sea shanty music by the Aukland Shanty Singers and BTS Singers and the very individual and entertaining Mowdies. Despite a lack of previously agreed publicity, we were happy to host the event for everyone’s entertainment.

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The 1886 Bedford Lifeboat

Reposted on 10 December 2023 by moderator

Posted on 2nd October 2022 by chockerblock

We are happy to say that the full restoration of this historic pulling lifeboat is now complete and she was safely put into safe storage until a permanent location is found for public viewing.

The lifeboat was bought by the Trust at auction in 2017 by the late – Jerry Dudman, with help and support from South Tyneside Council, The Port of Tyne, South Shields VLB, and other interested parties. The restoration has taken 4 years of hard work and dedication by all concerned including members Stan Grey, Alan Bolam, Dave Herron, and Dave ‘the brush’ to name just a few, for who we are very grateful. The result of all that planning, organisation, materials, and craftsmanship is now evident in this incredible example of South Shields boat building. We believe she is the only complete example in the world of an evolution in lifeboat design which includes her wooden wheel carriage, oars, and life-saving equipment.

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Great Sailing

1st August 2020

Now that we are able to use our boats while observing socially secure ways. The past few weeks have given us an opportunity to do some sailing. Here is Royal Diadem 11 leaving the Tyne – this picture taken from Peggy. Check our new Facebook page with the above link for more information.

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Our Facebook Account Has Been Deleted

It had not been deleted as the supposed former member has been accused of doing and it can be viewed at

One will have to ask who Mr Renwick why and who he was falsely accusing of being a villain.

We have learned today that our NEMT Facebook page has been deleted without our consent. The administrator is a former member of NEMT who has repeatedly refused to give up his administration rights. Therefore we currently have no Facebook page. We know this is a valuable way of keeping in touch with our members and so many supporters around the world. Please accept our apologies, but we can assure you that action is being taken. We do hope to re establish our page very soon.

Alec Renwick. NEMT Chairman.

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Relaxing of Covid19 Restrictions

13th July 2020

Recent announcements from central government regarding the relaxing of Covid19 restrictions had enabled the Trust to ask regular members to return for just two days a week, while observing social distancing, hand washing and the wearing of protective face masks where appropriate.

This approach has been successful and while we are observing government recommendations it is apparent that we can not to allow the general public full access until we are sure that all subsequent precautions have been taken.

While lockdown had been relaxed a great deal of essential maintenance work has taken place to improve members working conditions and safety. This includes completion of the boat slipway shed roof (as we speak) and a rewiring of the main workshop areas which includes new LED lighting.

So, while it is essential to observe restrictions, members are now welcome to attend especially to help with cleaning of the workshop and re-planning and sorting the main reception area. If you are interested then please email before attending: *

Opening Times are: Tuesday and Wednesday 09.30 – 15.30

Please note that access is by the riverside shutter door (around the back). Main front door entrance is closed until further notice.

 * no longer in use

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