Temporary Resting Place for NEMT

A row about the ownership of the domain name nemaritimetrust.co.uk could not be settled amicably so the rightful owner secured his ownership by changing the service provider for the website to which it referred. Unfortunately the Chair of NEMT, who had falsely claimed ownership of the domain name, had not backed up the site and the rightful owner, Mick Dawson, was not allowed access to it so to all intents and purposes it no longer exists and a site that attracted the interest of about 80,000 visitors in ten years was lost.

Temp resting place, 8-Jun-24, https://theharbourview.co.uk/nemaritmetrust-co-uk/ *

Before the site was lost the rightful owner managed to copy a couple of posts as as example of what would be lost if the row could not be settled

* the site is gradually being rebuilt and one can search through the posts using categories and they are:-

  • Archive
  • Favourite
  • General
  • Golden Gleam
  • Misinformation
  • Peggy
  • Rachel D
  • Salma’s Dream
  • Sovereign
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