The 1886 Bedford Lifeboat

We are happy to say that the full restoration of this historic pulling lifeboat is now complete and she was safely put into safe storage until a permanent location is found for public viewing.

The lifeboat was bought by the Trust at auction in 2017 by the late – Jerry Dudman, with help and support from South Tyneside Council, The Port of Tyne, South Shields VLB, and other interested parties. The restoration has taken 4 years of hard work and dedication by all concerned including members Stan Grey, Alan Bolam, Dave Herron, and Dave ‘the brush’ to name just a few, for who we are very grateful. The result of all that planning, organisation, materials, and craftsmanship is now evident in this incredible example of South Shields boat building. We believe she is the only complete example in the world of an evolution in lifeboat design which includes her wooden wheel carriage, oars, and life-saving equipment.

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2 Responses to The 1886 Bedford Lifeboat

  1. Adrian Wheeler says:

    Do you know what class of lifeboat is this?
    I am looking for something similar to th Mary Stanford of Rye Harbour a pulling and sailing Liverpool class lifeboat.

    • NEMT Admin says:

      Hi Adrian,
      Re: Bedford Lifeboat – the site is dormant at the moment and no-one appears to be checking for input from the comment line.
      I’m sure if you contact Alec Renwick on, he will be able to answer your questions about the Bedford.
      Kind regards

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