Another Great Day Sailing

NEMT crew enjoy sailing again today on coble Royal Diadem11.
After a few stormy days spoiling our beautiful autumnal weather, today was just perfect for a catch up.

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Autumn Sailing on 29-September

A beautiful day with sun and gentle winds from the northwest which helped to give a great day sailing on both Royal Diadem and Peggy. Numbers limited for a Covid19 secure environment.

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BBC filming for the Antiques Road Trip

Today (Sunday 13-September) we had the pleasure of welcoming a film crew both on board Henry Frederick Swan and at the Wapping Street workshop to record the importance of South Shields invention of the lifeboat.

The first ever purpose built lifeboat called ‘Original’ and later ‘Tyne’ lifeboat were discussed at the Woodhave and Greathead Monument by Stephen Landells, Hisorian and Author, who gave a great show while under pressure.

We then moved to the workshop where the story continued and an example of practical techniques was given by Paul Nicholson on the 1886 Bedford pulling lifeboat, currently undergoing careful restoration.

Finally we end the day on Henry Frederick Swan with a sail past the new Tynemouth lifeboat.

The day was windy and rather lumpy for filming but all went well.

Dave Parker (skipper) does a canny job here!

Many thanks go to all concerned on the day
without you non of this could have taken place:

Guy Linkletter, John Oaks, Steve Landells, Paul Nicholson and Dave Parker of course.

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