The Bedford Lifeboat 1886

This is the Bedford lifeboat on her carriagein 2018 before collection from Port of Tyne for delivery to our workshops.
Work had started last year to both restore the boat back to original as a conservation project and also continue restoration of the boats structure.

Carriage and just one wheel before transportation, and a bit of damage!

The carriages wooden wheels have been removed and one completely rebuilt using oak, ash and elm timbers. Finally the steel tyre was heated up red before being dropped onto the new wheel and cooled down with cold water.
More to follow soon:

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Great Sailing

Now that we are able to use our boats while observing socially secure ways. The past few weeks have given us an opportunity to do some sailing. Here is Royal Diadem 11 leaving the Tyne – this picture taken from Peggy. Check our new Facebook page with the above link for more information.

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New FaceBook Page

Chockerblock has been busy recreating a new FaceBook page for NEMT and it can now be viewed by clicking on the nemtlogo found on ‘Saving Maritime History’.

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