Historic Boats Gathering

NEMT is to host a historic boats event at the Newcastle NE1 Pontoon on Friday and Saturday 7th and 8th August, it will start at about 10.30 until 17.00 on both days. Many historic working boats will be attending (by invitation), most are registered with National Historic Ships as significant and historically very important, especially to this region.

This unique event is being supported by NE1 and promises to be a great weekend. Both the Gateshead Millennium and Swing Brides will be opening at 15.00 for some of the historic boats to do a parade of sail in honour of people who have suffered during the Covid 19 situation. It will include sea shanty music by the Keelers before and after.

It will be great to get your support for what promises to be an annual event at Newcastle.

Your contribution however small or large will be much appreciated on our new GIVEY Donation Button below. Especially after such a lean couple of years during Covid times. Thank You.
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Early Summer Update

While NEMT is observing the current Covid19 restrictions in force which has meant that members only can get access to our buildings, a great deal of work has taken place. As you know ‘Henry Frederick Swan’ our fully restored 1918 Tynemouth lifeboat has been in the boatshed for updating and painting over winter and now back at her moorings at the Newcastle Quayside.

Peggy gets some quality time in the boatshed too. After painting and antifouling it was evident that some of the structural wood frames needed to be worked on and a little TLC needed. But she will soon be back in the water and sailing again.

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Going For A Dip

Henry Frederick Swan getting ready for a dip in the water for engine tests this week, the last week of April. While observing lockdown restrictions, a great deal of work and updating has taken place, and she looks good. When everything’s ship-shape we hope to have her back in the water very soon.

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