Early Days

Good article, I’ve taken the liberty of moving your pictures up the article from the bottom and into the text. While the system is a bit clunky compared to FaceBook or Twitter it allows one to do a bit more than posting selfies!
After you have placed a picture, illustration or drawing you can move it about or resize it.


Just a note on the bit about the transom – we do have a shape for it from the plans, it’s just that cutting it out is a job that we haven’t got round to yet – so it’s not quite right to say that we can’t work it out until later in the process.
Blog looks good with the pictures spread out through the story though.

Oh but I think that’s exactly why we shouldn’t be cutting it to shape now. I recall Nigel G saying that it should be left until later…..
This sort of discussion is one of the reasons why a blog is so useful – wouldn’t you say?

If you are sure of the method you are going to use to fit it to the sternpost go ahead. Remember that the bevel will have to be taken into account. I.e. the after or outboard face is the true shape. Also, you will need to decide if it will have horns to protect the plank ends.
Good luck!