The spine nearing completion

The central spine on Cygnet is nearly done. We’ve got the stem shaped roughly, the keel and hog are cut, there’s just the transom to finish off. We’d made it too small at first, so Martin has cut and glued an extra plank onto the top. Now we just need to cut it to shape.


But that’s not as easy as it seems. Even though the plans have got a shape for the transom which we can copy, we’ve needed to allow it to be up to half an inch bigger all round so that when we fit the planks we can bevel them in to fit nicely. 


Then we can temporarily clamp it in place to see if it fits and lines up with the other moulds. Plus we’ve decided to make the knee a bit beefier – that’s the piece that John is holding in place here. 


So we cut an extra piece to make it larger, just need to join the two together now. 

Next job, picking up the engine – after checking that it runs properly first. More on that to come…