The stem starting to take shape

This is a really nice bit of the project – shaping massive chunks of oak into the components for the stem and keel. We’re using the bandsaw to transfer the shapes from the plywood templates for each part onto the pieces of oak plank. Can’t imagine what it must have been like doing this entirely with hand tools – maybe that’s one for the future, doing a boat build using only eighteenth century technology!

Martin running a test on the bandsaw

One thing we weren’t sure about was how tight a curve the bandsaw can cut, so we did a test on a bit of scrap wood. Each part will have to fit together really tightly like a super-accurate home-made jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions, so it’s a fiddly job.

Stem parts nearly finished

The of course the bandsaw blade snapped, so that put an end to the evening.

Jerry John and Martin trying to work out whose fault it was…

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Next time – cutting out the transom maybe?