Spring Tide


Feb 9th 2010

This vessel is a 16 foot salmon fishing boat that was donated to the Trust by Mrs Susan Mackiver, having been used by her late husband Robert for fishing off Whitburn beach, just south of South Shields.
Spring Tide was built, at Whitburn, by shipwrights Billy and Jimmy Ray. She is a typical small seagoing rowing boat as used in the region.

March 2013
stide2Stringers are now also fitted and the floors currently being manufactured to fit. Getting the floors level was an interesting exercise and here you see a floor stringer being fitted. The thwarts and stern seating have already been made and trial fitted, but await the completion of the floors before final fit.
Still to do: The transom to be shaped.   External rubbing strips at the gunwale level. Eyebrows at the Stem Capping piece over the whole length of the gunwales. And a complete paint job.

Dec 2013
A change from the Spring tide which was acquired in 2010?
It has now been given its boat colours by Mr Phil Smith, who was the proud owner of what was virtually a new boat. However, we regret to say that since change of ownership to Phil when he was a member of NEMT, she has been badly neglected.