Royal Diadem11 coming in for a wash and Brush-up

RD11 needs a bit of TLC. Left, Dave looks very pleased and right Guy, checking out the new stainless steel rubbing strake.

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3 Responses to Royal Diadem11 coming in for a wash and Brush-up

  1. Marquis Court says:

    Marquis Court here shame that you don’t put in a dress onto you onto your website so we’re people with nowhere to go to guess it must been left out whoever the you website

  2. John Roper says:

    This was my uncles coble, as a teenager I used to go out with him on it in the school summer holidays heading out from Boulmer where he lived to fish off Alnmouth. Such fond memories of this time in 1972/3 era. I can still hear the slow sluggish sounds of the bilge pump sucking and squeezing. Very happy days. John Roper

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