End of Lockdown Coming Soon, We Hope!

Now that we are midway through February and we are promised a review of restrictions on 22nd; let’s hope we can open NEMT again soon.

But in the meantime and to keep you updated with our current situation;

Before lockdown some careful but urgent update work had to be done to make progress which included completion of roofing to the boatshed, new scaffolding for health and safety and easier access plus some great work on the Henry Frederick Swan, as can be seen in these pictures. But there’s still a lot to do including engine maintenance and electrical updates, more painting, and other essential work which needs to be completed when the end of lockdown is announced, so please stand by. Many thanks go to Guy and John, Dave and Dave who have done so much work to get things ready for then!+5

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  1. Anne Jack - 01689 637509 says:

    Dear Sirs
    I have a desk, can send pictures, which I was told was made of sea-soaked teak. Quite unusual, looks like a 18 x 36 inch table with drawer space under, but opens out completely with specific areas for paper, envelopes, documents, a writing surface, two square inkwells and a pen/pencil area.
    I am now 82, and this desk has travelled with me from about 12, when my mother brought me to the UK from Guyana. But I don’t want to see it just being dumped as brown wood. I believe it came to me through my mother who was Kathleen Strickland and her family were, I think, Mariners from the north-east – a plaque on a memorial to World War ships lost at sea, carries the name of Strickland.
    So I am trying to find a safe home for my desk, and preferably in the area my mother came from.
    Would you be interested?

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