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Gateshead Millenium Bridge – Tenth Anniversary

Friday 16th September 2011 saw the tenth anniversary of the Gateshead Millenium Bridge. At 10.00am there was a parade of vessels under the bridge and NEMT  starred with Rachel Douglas, Favourite and Sovereign.

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Back to St Abbs

                Returning from the Arbroath Sea Fest, NEMT took the opportunity to call in at St Abbs.   It was Monday 15th August and this was the first visit of “Favourite” since she … Continue reading

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Arbroath Sea Fest

NEMT members had a sunny weekend at the Arbroath Sea Fest where they received a great welcome. The old fishing vessels “Rachel Douglas” and “Favourite” motored up to the event by way of Eyemouth and arrived just as the festival … Continue reading

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