April 2011

Sovereign Launched

Fred Crowell proudly stands next to Sovereign on Monday 4th April, having just launched her after ten months and approximately 5000 hours of restoration work by him and the small team of volunteers he led.

In spite of serious funding problems, the vessel is now structurally sound and working again. Seventy five years after building she is back in fine condition, restored to her 1950s condition.

Thanks must go not only to Fred but to National Historic Ships, The Community Foundation and The Port of Tyne Fund who all supported the restoration.

A few minor jobs remain: the accommodation in the forecastle is to be completed and some of the spars are still missing but it is hoped they can be finished for the summer when she will be travelling the north east coast.DSC_0099


2 Responses to Sovereign Launched

  1. carl robinson says:

    well done

  2. Barry Winn says:

    I saw her in the shed in her undercoat, and still having work done on the winch. She looks fantastic in her full glory.
    You’ve all done a great job.
    It would be good to see her back in Seahouses one day.

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