The Trust

Vision & Objectives.

The renewal of interest in traditional seagoing activities in the region can be summarized into three areas of interest.

  1. The history of the development of different boat types for different purposes and locations.
  2. Study and maintenance of traditional boat building techniques.
  3. Study and demonstration of working practices.

The Vision is to increase the interest in the maritime heritage of the North East by:-

  • running a workshop with facilities for the maintenance, restoration and restoration and reconstruction of traditional wooden boats.
  • informing the public about maritime heritage through Open Days, Seminars and visits by interested organisations.
  • encouraging Regional Development Agencies, Local Authorities, Museums and the Private Sector to support maritime heritage projects, education and events, in order to boost public interest and tourism.
  • reviving traditional wooden boat building skills through training programmes.
  • collaborating with other maritime organisations – in particular in the organisation of maritime events for traditional craft.

The Objectives are:

1 . Projects

  • Developing the Workshop.
  • Restoration of the Henry Frederick Swan, Tynemouth life Boat 1917-1947. Some History of her.
  • Acquire small vessels of heritage value for quick repair.

2 . Resources

  1. Collaboration with Other Organisations.
    • establish links to other maritime organisations.
    • to increase interest in Maritime Heritage throughout the region e.g. contact local education bodies.
    • to participate in live nautical events on the water.
    • to restore some of the area’s traditional ships and boats.
    • to encourage the building of replicas of the area’s traditional ships and boats such as:-
      1. a Roman trading vessel
      2. a collier brig
      3. a Tyne keel etc.
  2. Developing the NEMT Resources
    • produce regular newsletters.
    • hold regular Open Days.
    • establish an Office.
    • use training opportunities to improve skills.