Celebrating a great 2019

After nearly fifteen years hard work, graft and planning from our incredible volunteers and friends for whom NEMT wouldn’t exist, Henry Frederick Swan is proven testament to the determination to just get a good job done.

At the start of North East Maritime Trust back in 2004/5 we needed a ‘project’, HFS fitted the bill. After transportation, two cranes, scaffolding poles as rollers and loads of sweat and yes blood too, it all started.

It’s worth saying that as volunteers came along most didn’t have the experience in boat building or repair that was needed, so on the job learning was the key. Same applies now, no experience, no worries! Just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Did we know what we were taking on, well no but would we have changed anything? definitely not.

Nearly fifteen years later on 20th April 2019 at exactly 15.00hrs (as planned) with TV coverage, over 100 guests, brass band and cheers; Henry Frederick Swan sails again.

——–From this in 2004/5 —————————— To this in 2019——-

Sea trials took place after rigging, added safety features, radio and GPS fittings etc. were completed. This sea trial was to Bridlington and a stop over at Whitby where we were made so welcome by both their RNLI and other historic boats were waiting for our arrival.

We finally moored up alongside; Old and New.

The Bridlington Coble Festival was a welcome addition as usual especially with Royal Diadem11 being transported there by trailer before our arrival. We motored into port on HFS with a moderate sea state on route from Whitby, which was just great and she handled all the conditions so well, which was also very reassuring.

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End of 2019

This site has been quiet for the last few months while the Trust sorts out some apparent errors that include the Website mailboxes.

For a site that basically holds history, the mailbox is a very important communication tool.
The existing but sometimes intermittent mailbox is:

we hope you will be patient while necessary updates are completed.

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New Gates

Sola Solve Marine helping us at NEMT with new gates

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