Going For A Dip

Henry Frederick Swan getting ready for a dip in the water for engine tests this week, the last week of April. While observing lockdown restrictions, a great deal of work and updating has taken place, and she looks good. When everything’s ship-shape we hope to have her back in the water very soon.

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Spring Is In The Air

Not be long before the current lockdown is over, well that’s what we are hoping! After the dull dark winter months it will be great to get back on board doing important work and sailing too. However, as you can see some urgent work to Henry Frederick Swan (HFS) and all our boats has had to continue over this time to ensure their integrity.

We are hoping to be able to invite ‘members only’ to the workshops after 12th April to help get both historic lifeboats 1886 ‘Bedford’ and 1918 ‘Henry Frederick Swan’ back on track and HFS back in the water.

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End of Lockdown Coming Soon, We Hope!

Now that we are midway through February and we are promised a review of restrictions on 22nd; let’s hope we can open NEMT again soon.

But in the meantime and to keep you updated with our current situation;

Before lockdown some careful but urgent update work had to be done to make progress which included completion of roofing to the boatshed, new scaffolding for health and safety and easier access plus some great work on the Henry Frederick Swan, as can be seen in these pictures. But there’s still a lot to do including engine maintenance and electrical updates, more painting, and other essential work which needs to be completed when the end of lockdown is announced, so please stand by. Many thanks go to Guy and John, Dave and Dave who have done so much work to get things ready for then!+5

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